There is / There are

In this lesson you will learn how to use “there is” and “there are” to talk about what is present and to use “is there?” / “are there?” to ask questions with examples of each.

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“There is / There are” for positive or negative sentences and questions

Singular / uncountableThere isThere is notIs there?
PluralThere areThere are notAre there
Illustration of "there is/ there are" in context describing singular and plural objects.

Use “there is” to say that a singular or uncountable thing is present. “There is” is also used for lists of distinct things.

Use “There are” to say that multiple countable things are present.

To make a question, just invert the order of “there” and “is” or “are”.

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Examples of “There is” / “there are” in context

Here are some examples of “there is” and “there are” used to describe what is visible in a variety of images.

There was / there were for positive, negative and questions about the past

To talk about what was present in the past we can use “there was” or “there were”.

Singular / uncountableThere wasThere was notWas there?
PluralThere wereThere were notWere there

There was a problem

There were three dogs.

Was there any food?

Positive, negative and question examples with was there & were there to talk about the past.

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