Duolingo English Test Practice.

What is the Duolingo English Test?

This The Duolingo English Test is a new way of evaluating your level of English. It is becoming increasingly popular with students and institutions. all over the world.

The methodology of the DET is quite different from traditional tests like IELTS, FCE (Onlearn practice tests here) or CAE. The test takes less than an hour and costs less than $50, so is very convenient.

The test uses a combination of very short questions and tasks which are then evaluated by their artificial intelligence system which, at the end of the test, provides you with a score.

About this course

This course will help you to prepare for the DET. The first section describes the format, methodology and question types that you will find in the real test. There is a comprehension test tho check that you understand. Other sections simulate the question types that you will find on the DET; listening , reading and writing in combination.

How to get the best score on the DET

To get the best possible score you should use the official Duolingo English Practice Test to see exactly how it works in practice. You can also study English grammar at all levels with our free resources and courses. You should also try to consume as much English-language media as you can and practise speaking. To get the best result on the DET you should…