What is Onlearn.es?

Onlearn is an interactive multimedia English-language learning site. You can test your level with our free test and find free online self-study classes that are just right for you. Create an account to save your progress, get access to members-only material and get diplomas to mark your achievements. You can also join one of our live distance-learning classes and benefit from direct input from one of our fully qualified and experienced native experts! We also provide complete training solutions for corporate and institutional institutional clients.

You can keep up to date with new courses, quizzes and resources by following the blog. If you still have any doubts, questions or enquiries, feel free to get in touch!

Our Team

Gavin Hamann

Gavin Hamann, Founder of Onlearn.es

Gavin is the founder of Onlearn.es

Gavin is a British native who originally trained and worked as a psychologist before qualifying as an English teacher and relocating to Spain.

Gavin is proud to be an”English expert” at Foment Formació where for 20 years he has developed and delivered English language courses and assessments to groups of all levels as collaborator with consorci per a la formació contínua de Catalunya.

Gavin also writes and creates English language multimedia learning resources for institutions all over the world.

Sally Cartwright

Sally Cartwright started her teaching career as a primary school teacher in the UK before qualifying to teach English as a second language and moving to sunny Barcelona.

Sally worked for the British Council for 20 years, creating material for their LearnEnglishKids website, and as a senior teacher, managing various institutional clients. Sally also pioneered and developed the use of storytelling initiatives to consolidate teaching practice.

Sally then moved to the University of Barcelona where she currently lectures and tutors in teacher training for English as a second language.

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OnLearn accounts are free and help us to provide the right material for your level. To keep on learning and save your progress you should log in, if you don’t have an account yet you can just choose one of our free courses from the shop!

Of course, if you don’t want an account that’s fine, a lot of our resources are available to everybody!

Where to start?

If you aren’t sure of your level you can get started with our level test. Your results will direct you to the right material for you. It only takes a few minutes.

The Onlearn.es Level Test.

You can start the level test right here, just select the answer and press the “Next” button:

Our General English Courses

Alternatively just jump right in to one of our courses here:

Join one of our live classes.

If you prefer a more human experience, join us live and direct for our online classes. You can use our online resources to study at your own pace and use our live sessions to answer any questions, put it all into practice and really consolidate what you have learned.

Live Classes

We have decades of experience teaching students of all ages and all levels. Since the start of the global pandemic we have adapted so that we can provide the same high quality classes in a safe and convenient way.

Online classes use Zoom and our own OnLearn.es platform to teach, practice and evaluate the material.

For Institutions & Enterprise.

We offer comprehensive English-language training. From level testing to training to evaluation and certification with full record keeping and reporting.

Self-Study Courses.

100% Autonomous Online Courses.




Take advantage of our interactive learning resources, we can guide you through the whole process from level testing to downloading your diploma. Use our interactive multimedia tools to learn from every mistake.

These courses are available for private students and we offer group discounts for institutions and enterprise.

Live Courses & Consulting.

Distance-Learning with Experts.

Expert tuition / coaching

1 to 1 direct input

Conversation practice

Personalised assistance to overcome obstacles. Study general English, sector focussed English or get coaching and consulting for presentations, conferences, meetings and interviews. Consolidate your study with our interactive-multimedia material.

We offer individual or group sessions to private, institutional and corporate clients with discounts for bulk enrolment.

Educational Design.

Boutique E-Learning Solutions.

Tailor-made courses

Niche / Specialist Subjects.

Expert academic design.

We can create a full language learning department for your institution or enterprise. Let us provide a complete training solution that starts with needs analysis and level testing and will keep you up to date with student performance with an attention to detail.

We can create anything from single evaluations, lessons or courses to a fully-equipped learning management system tailor-made for your employees’ or students’ needs.

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