Making an Appointment

Listen to or read this dialogue and then answer the comprehension questions below.

Gary: Good morning. How’s everything going?

Selena: Good morning. Things are going well. How about you?

Gary: I’m doing fine, thank you. I was wondering if we could schedule a meeting to discuss the upcoming project. It’s becoming quite critical, and I think a face-to-face meeting would be beneficial.

Selena: Absolutely. I agree that we should meet soon. What dates are you looking at?

Gary: Well, I’m available next week. How about Wednesday or Thursday?

Selena: Let me check my calendar. Wednesday works for me. What time are you thinking?

Gary: How about 10:00 AM? Does that work for you?

Selena: 10:00 AM on Wednesday sounds good. Where would you like to meet?

Gary: Let’s meet in the conference room on the fourth floor. It’s quiet and has a projector for presentations.

Selena: Great choice. Conference room on the fourth floor at 10:00 AM next Wednesday. Got it.

Gary: Thanks. I appreciate your flexibility. I’ll send you a calendar invitation right after this call to confirm the details.

Selena: Thank you. I’ll be sure to accept the invitation once I receive it. I’ll also inform my assistant to cancel the previous appointment.

Gary: I understand. Please let me know if there’s anything else you need to reschedule. Looking forward to our meeting on Monday.

Selena: Likewise. Have a great day!

Gary: You too. Goodbye!

  1. Why does Gary want to schedule a meeting with Selena?
  2. What were the initial dates and times suggested by Gary for the meeting, and why couldn’t Selena agree to them?
  3. How did Gary and Selena resolve the scheduling conflict and decide on a new meeting time?
  4. What details were confirmed about the rescheduled meeting, including the date, time, and location?
  5. What actions did Selena mention she would take regarding her previous appointment, and why was this necessary?