Speaking English!


10 hour English speaking / conversation course with a native expert.

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Start Speaking English Now!

The best way to improve your ability to speak English?

It isn’t grammar study.

It isn’t watching series and films in English.

It’s speaking English!

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Can you learn to ride a bicycle by reading about it in a book? Can you learn to cook just by memorising recipes. Of course not! Why would learning a language be different?

Understanding English is not Speaking English!

Many students become frustrated that after years of study, they can understand English, they can read in English, but when they come to speak… they can’t find the words!

This is because they haven’t spent time speaking. Understanding English is not the same skill as being able to speak English. If you want to speak English you have speak English! It sounds obvious.

When you learned to speak your own language, you didn’t understand the names of different tenses or parts of speech, you didn’t have to memorise lists of conjugation, you just practised speaking. Learning a second (or third or fourth) language is no different!

Studies show that many students feel anxious about speaking English. The best way to overcome this is practising speaking!

Start Speaking from the first Moment!

This course will get you speaking from the very first moment.

You will make mistakes. And that’s great! Mistakes are an essential part of the learning process.

In this course you will study in small groups, you and four other learners, with an experienced native expert.

You will practise speaking about a variety of topics to really give your brain a fantastic workout and develop some real muscle! You’ll talk about the past, the present, the future, imaginary and hypothetical things.

What do you get?

Each class of this 10 hour course lasts just one hour.

You will also receive an amazing study pack with excellent multimedia resources that you’ll have access to for life.