“New English File” Revision / Consolidation Resources

Practise and consolidate grammar from the”New English File” books with our complimentary interactive material.

We love New English File, we use it almost every day in the classroom. It’s a great series of books that really make English accessible and fun. Check out this table of all of the topics covered in NEF Upper-Intermediate English and our complementary exercises to practise, consolidate or even explore some of these topics in a bit more detail. This resource includes links to recommended books on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate Onlearn.es earns from qualifying purchases.

Upper Intermediate

Grammar Topic & Corresponding Material on Onlearn.es
1AQuestion formation
1BAuxiliary Verbs
2APresent Perfect Simple Vs. Present Perfect Continuous.
2BAdjective Order
3ANarrative Tenses
3BAdverbs and Adverbial Phrases (coming soon)
4AFuture Perfect and Future Continuous
4BReal Conditionals
5ASecond Conditional and Third Conditional
6AGerunds & Infinitives
6BUsed to / Be Used to / Get Used to
7APast Modal Verbs
7BVerbs of the Senses
8AThe Passive Voice
8BReporting Verbs
9AClauses of Contrast
9BUncountable & Plural Nouns
Consolidate and study for New English File (Oxford University Press) with our interactive multimedia study material

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