Gerunds & Infinitives from Music.

Gerunds & Infinitives in Songs.

Music is a great way to remember verb forms! All these popular songs have really memorable examples of gerunds and infinitives in context.

Feel Like

“Feel like” can mean that you want to do something, or not in this case! “Feel like” in this sense is followed by a gerund, so today Bruno doesn’t feel like doing anything…

Can’t Stand

Can’t stand isn’t an obvious verb, it means to not be able to tolerate or confront something and it0’s followed by a gerund. Poor Sting can’t imagine how he could carry on without his girlfriend, he can’t stand losing her.

Can’t Help

An other not-at-all obvious verb, can’t help, actually has nothing to do with help and simple means can’t avoid. Young Ally from UB40 finds someone se beautiful that he just can’t avoid romance, he can’t help falling in love…

Keep On

In this funky tune, Stevie Wonder reminds us that time keeps on moving. “Keep on”, being a verb wiwh a prepositional particle (on) needs a gerund after it. So have a listen to Stevie’s advice and keep on learning…


The verb “Imagine” is followed by a gerund, so when John Lennon signs about his ideal world he imagines all the people living for today...

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