¡Curso Subvencionado Nuevo – Presentaciones orales técnicas en inglés- Matriculate hoy!

Presentaciones orales técnicas en inglés

New Barcelona Course Dates

28 Jun, 2022 – 26 Jul, 2022

Martes y jueves de 18:00 a 21:30

Curso Presencial (aula virtual Google Classroom / Zoom)

Duración 30 Horas

100% Adaptado para la aula virtual

Curso 100% subvencionado por el Consorci de la Formació Contínua de Catalunya y el Servicio Público de Empleo Estatales y ofrecido por Foment Formació.

In this 30 hour practical course you will;

  • Use unique interactive multimedia material to see examples in context and to check comprehension.
  • Study & get coaching from native-English expert and OnLearn.es founder Gavin Hamann
  • Study 50% theory & 50% practical workshop with feedback
  • Learn about how to structure a presentation so that it is easy to follow and engaging.
  • Study how to direct your audience’s attention using appropriate expressions and vocabulary.
  • Revise the grammar and vocabulary you will need to talk about your topic.
  • Develop your own presentations to practice and develop the techniques and principles covered in the course.
  • Practise presenting in a supportive environment and receive detailed feedback.







Workshop / Taller

Presentation Creation

Presentation practice


What Previous Students Say about this Course:

“Gracias al curso de cómo hacer presentaciones en inglés, aprendí como empezar y estructurar una presentación, como enlazar ideas y cómo se debe explicar un gráfico en inglés. Este curso me ha ayudado a ser mejor profesional y lo recomiendo al 100%, además Gavin es un excelente profesor que te ayuda con todas tus dudas y las dinámicas que sigue en sus clases hacen que aprendas y te diviertas.”

Marta Mirete From Barcelona

“The Presentation Skills in English course helped me understand the crucial points to increase the quality of my presentations and keep the listeners’ attention, both in my internal presentations and the international ones.”

Alejandro Martinez From Barcelona

“I would like to recommend this course and the use of the website, it’s very helpful to understand the steps to follow in order to make a great presentation.”

Katia Rivaslpata From Barcelona,

“Presentation skills in English course has given me the keys to organize and structure both formal and informal presentations. I feel safer doing them because I have learned to stand out the main points and not clutter up my graphical support documentation. Now I know how to guide the audience through a presentation, get their attention till the end and how to deal with a Q&A session. Onlearn is a great platform for studying English, easy to follow and well organized. I recommend it.”

Ana Isabel Ros Parrón from Barcelona

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Presentation Skills In English.

Learn how to give great presentations in English.

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