Talking about hospitality (restaurants, hotels etc..)

Hotel Vocabulary

What are you looking for when you book a hotel? What is most important to you? Price? Location? Facilities?

When was the last time you stayed in a hotel? When was it? Was it for business, pleasure or some other reason? how was the hotel? Was it cheap or expensive? Was it comfortable? What facilities did it have (room service, pool, bar, restaurant, terrace, gym, car park.

What is the best experience that you’ve ever had at a hotel?

Have you ever had a really bad experience at a hotel?

What is AirBnB? What are the advantages of staying in an AirBnB over a hotel? What impact do AirBnB have on the local area?

Have you ever used AirBnB? Have you rented a room to anyone? Did you have a good or bad experience?

What makes good service? Give some examples of when you’ve experienced good service? Is it customary to leave a tip for good service in your culture? How much should you leave?

Have you ever had an experience of bad service? Were and when was it? What happened? Did you complain?

When have you ever complained about service?

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