What different forms of entertainment can you think of?

Which of these forms of entertainment do you enjoy most / least?

How often do you do each of these these things?

always, regularly, often, sometimes, from time to time, hardly ever, never.

Once a week, once a month, twice a year.

Check out this theatre review in the guardian.

What do you think that these vocabulary items refer to? Are they relevant to discussing films, books, series, restaurants, theatre, board games, videogames, art exhibitions, concerts? Some can be used to describe various media.

plot, script, effects, controls, graphics, cinematography, service, atmosphere, price, value, taste, setting, performance, prose, pacing, setlist.

Reviewing entertainment media.

Review a book, videogame, board game, play, film, series, art exhibition or other form of entertainment, tell the rest of the class what you thought of it.

The future of entertainment.

How do you think that entertainment will be different in the future?

Do you think that forms of entertainment that we enjoy now will change or disappear?

Do you think that new forms of entertainment will become popular? What do you imagine the entertainment media of the future will be like?

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