Obligation, Necessity, Prohibition & Recommendation Role Play

HR Manager: Welcome to the company, Alex! We’re excited to have you on board. Let’s go over some important points. First, you can access the building with your ID card.

Alex: Thank you! What about working from home? Could I do that occasionally?

HR Manager: Yes, you can work from home, but you must get approval from your supervisor beforehand.

Alex: Got it. Are there any specific dress code requirements?

HR Manager: Yes, you should wear business casual attire. You ought to avoid wearing jeans unless it’s Friday.

Alex: That’s helpful to know. And what about lunch breaks?

HR Manager: You had better take your lunch break between 12 PM and 1 PM. You mustn’t skip lunch; it’s important to take a break.

Alex: Understood. Are there any mandatory meetings?

HR Manager: Yes, you need to attend the weekly team meeting every Monday at 10 AM. But you don’t have to stay if the meeting runs over time.

Alex: That sounds reasonable. What if I need some supplies for my work?

HR Manager: You need to request supplies through the office manager. You needn’t worry about small items like pens and notepads; those are always in stock.

Alex: Okay, and will I be able to access company resources remotely?

HR Manager: Yes, you will be able to access most of our resources remotely once IT sets up your account. You’re allowed to access confidential files, but you are permitted to do so only on company devices.

Alex: Thanks for clarifying. Are there any protocols for leaving early or coming in late?

HR Manager: If you need to leave early or come in late, you’re supposed to inform your supervisor in advance. You’re meant to clock in and out using the system for accurate time tracking.

Alex: And regarding personal calls, is it okay to take them during work hours?

HR Manager: Personal calls are permitted during work hours, but you should keep them brief and not let them interfere with your work.

Alex: Great, I think I’ve got it all. Thank you for the detailed induction!

HR Manager: You’re welcome, Alex. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. We’re here to help you succeed!