3 Eso Grammar Guide

This is a study guide for the 3er Eso English. Here you can find the grammar topics for term 1 and the corresponding exercises on onlearn.es

Grammar TopicRelevant Material on Onlearn.es
Present Simple Vs. Present continuous.https://onlearn.es/lessons/present-simple-preset-continuous
Past simple Vs. Past Continuous. Used tohttps://onlearn.es/quizzes/narrative-forms
Modals: can and must, have to, should, may, might and negative formshttps://onlearn.es/quizzes/modal-verbs
Present perfect with just already yet for and since Present Perfect vs past Simplehttps://onlearn.es/lessons/present-perfect-or-past-simple
Comparatives and superlatives (not) as …as too and not enough with adjectiveshttps://onlearn.es/lessons/comparatives-and-superlatives
Sense verbs, Modals deduction: must/may/can’thttps://onlearn.es/lessons/verbs-of-the-senses
Future forms: going to, present continuous, will and mighthttps://onlearn.es/lessons/future-forms
Zero first and second conditional when and unlesshttps://onlearn.es/lessons/real-conditionals-0-1st-conditionals
Passive: present and pasthttps://onlearn.es/lessons/the-passive-voice
Grammar topics for trimester 1 of 3rd ESO

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