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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, better known as Queen Elizabeth II, died peacefully at her Scottish residence Balmoral. Her passing marks the end of an era not just for Britain and the Commonwealth but the whole world, which changed so much during her reign. Between when Elizabeth took the throne aged just 25 and her death at 96 she saw the premierships of 14 American Presidents, 15 British Prime Ministers as well countless other heads of state. She was described as bringing a sense of consistency and stability to the world as she reigned over politics ostensibly without partiality or favour. Her reign of 70 years makes her the longest serving monarch in British history and the only royal that most Britons have ever known on the throne. Appearing on everything from currency to stamps, she is quite literally the face of Britain and a fundamental part of British identity.

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This is a study guide for the 3er Eso English. Here you can find the grammar topics for term 1 and the corresponding exercises on onlearn.es Grammar Topic Relevant Material on Onlearn.es Present Simple Vs. Present continuous. https://onlearn.es/lessons/present-simple-preset-continuous Past simple Vs. Past Continuous. Used to https://onlearn.es/quizzes/narrative-formshttps://onlearn.es/lessons/used-to-get-used-to-be-used-to Modals: can and must, have to, should, may, might …

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Some questions to get started! What was the last film you saw? Where and how did you see it? Who made it, acted in it and what was it about? Did you enjoy it? Useful expressions and vocabulary for films. Netflix Vs The Cinema. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to the cinema? …

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Estos son los 10 pecados más populares que cometen los hispanohablantes cuando hablan inglés. Haz este cuestionario interactivo y aprende cómo evitar estos errores.