Revise Grammar for Voyage B2

Check out this table of all of the topics covered in Voyage C1 English and our complementary exercises to practise, consolidate or even explore some of these topics in a bit more detail.

Chapter NºChapterGrammar Exercises on
1CommunicationQuestion Formation
Present Perfect Simple Vs. Present Perfect Continuous
2EscapeNarrative Tenses
3InvestFuture Forms
4CreativityPassive Forms
Causative Have / Get
5MindGerunds & Infinitives
7RulesModal Verbs
8Old & NewRelative Clauses & Participle Clauses
9NightlifeOrder of Adjectives
10SensesSecond Conditionals, Third Conditionals
11MediaReported Speech
12Life StagesUsed to, Get Used to, Be Used to

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