DIY or Have Something Done.

Are there any repairs, decorating, renovation, building or electrical jobs that need to be done in your home?

What do you plan to do about them?

What is DIY?

Do you enjoy doing DIY?

Do you have any tools in your house?

What are the benefits of doing DIY?

What are the benefits of paying a professional to do work for you?

Check out these DIY questions.

Some more vocabulary.

And an article to read about DIY skills.

Which of these jobs would you do yourself and which would you pay a professional to do?

  • Paint a wall
  • Paint a whole apartment
  • Plaster a hole in a wall
  • Tile a bathroom
  • Replace a light switch
  • Hang a light
  • Hang curtains
  • Repair a Persian blind / roller blind.
  • Knock down a non load-bearing wall.
  • Install a new kitchen.
  • Rewire your home’s electrical system.

have you ever had a DIY disaster?

Have you ever paid a professional to do some work for you and been disappointed?

What do the following expressions mean?

Like a sledgehemanner to crack a nut.

Money for old rope.

to get hammered.

To nail something.

To lose the thread.

An old flame.

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