Dominate Gerunds & Infinitives with this addictive training game!

This is a training game to practise the use of gerund and infinitive verb forms after common verbs. These verb patterns are difficult to memorise, but by doing this short exercise regularly you should become accustomed to verbs being followed by one form or another. To help motivate you, there is a high-score table, so you can compete against your own record and other students’. This exercise is part of a complete lesson on gerunds and infinitives in our free upper-intermediate English course.

Some verbs are followed by a gerund and some by an infinitive. Test your knowledge of 60 common verbs against the clock. Answer as many questions as you can before the time runs out! If you want to revise this topic you can find a complete grammar guide here.

You have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as you can! The test will start when you press the “Start Test” button. Answer each question and click “next” to proceed.

Leaderboard: Gerunds and Infinitives: Verb Challenge!

maximum of 59 points
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