Telling Stories & Anecdotes.

Check that you understand how to use narrative tenses with this quick interactive exercise. If you want to revise this topic, check the grammar explanation and presentation here.

Use the numbered buttons to navigate between questions. For each question pick the answer which best fills the gap.

tell a story about

A time you had a problem when you were travelling.

A wonderful day.

A special event.

A memorable birthday

A time that you lost something.

A time that you got lost.

A time that you lost your keys or got locked out of your home.

A time when you overslept.

A time that you thought you were in danger.

A job interview.

A spooky experience.

Anecdote Practice Topics

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Topics for practise telling anecdotes in English clas to practise narrative tensesChatGPT

  1. Memorable Travel Experience: Share a story about a trip where something unexpected happened, using past tenses to narrate the events.
  2. Unusual Encounter: Recount an encounter with a stranger or a unique individual, highlighting the details with past narrative tenses.
  3. Mishap at an Event: Narrate a funny or embarrassing incident that occurred during a social event, utilizing past tenses to convey the sequence of events.
  4. A Childhood Memory: Share a vivid memory from your childhood, incorporating past tenses to describe the setting and actions.
  5. Technology Blunder: Tell an amusing story about a time when technology caused a funny or unexpected situation, using past tenses to articulate the events.
  6. Unexpected Challenge: Describe a situation where you faced an unexpected challenge and how you navigated through it, employing past tenses to tell the story.
  7. Celebration Gone Awry: Share a story about a celebration or party that didn’t go as planned, using narrative tenses to convey the unfolding events.
  8. Learning Experience: Narrate an experience where you learned a valuable lesson, using past tenses to articulate the events and your reflections.
  9. Spontaneous Adventure: Tell a tale of a spontaneous adventure or outing, incorporating past tenses to provide a chronological account.
  10. Family Gathering: Share a memorable story from a family gathering, using narrative tenses to recount the interactions and events.

A Surprising Encounter:An Unusual Pet Experience:A Hilarious Communication Mishap:A Sporting Event Memory:Lost and Found Adventure:An Unexpected Act of Kindness:A Spontaneous Road Trip:A Peculiar Restaurant Experience:A Day of Serendipity:A Classroom Antic or Prank:A Technology Fiasco:An Amusing Mistake at Work:A Cultural Misunderstanding Abroad:A Thrilling Outdoor Adventure:A Nostalgic School Days Tale:

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