Improve your English FAST with these training tests.

There are lots of aspects of English that require a lot of practise to remember.

In my experience, 3 things that students of all levels have problems with are phrasal verbs, verb forms and prepositions.

Unfortunately, knowing how to use these forms isn’t as easy as memorising a few rules. These forms take a lot of practise to memorise and, as many students already know, memorising lists doesn’t really work.

So I have devised 3 quick and simple training games to help learners remember how to use these aspects of the language.

Each of these exercises only takes a couple of minutes, but by practising regularly and reviewing your mistakes, you will be amazed at how quickly these patterns become familiar to you.

To make things a little more fun you can compete with other students to get on our high-score table or leaderboard.

Improve your vocabulary and grammar with these training exercises!

You can use these tests again and again to improve your grammar and vocabulary. Train your brain with just a few minutes a day!

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