1st, 2nd & 3rd Conditionals Gap Fill

This is an interactive test designed to practise differentiating between and conjugating verbs in first, second and third conditional sentences in English. This exercise is part of a complete guide to first, second and third conditional sentences in our free intermediate and upper-intermediate English courses.

How to Complete this Exercise

Fill in the gap with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

For example,

  • If it were closer, I would __ (go).
  • If it were closer, I would go (go).

All of these sentences are conditionals. They are all either first, second or third conditionals. Look carefully to identify the tenses used in each sentence to indicate which conditional the sentence is so that you can work out what tense you need for the verb in brackets. If you need help, you can click the “Hint” button you can see the formula for each type of conditional sentence.

If you need to revise this grammar, check out the complete lessons for first, second and third conditionals.

When you have answered all of the questions, click “Finish” to see your score. Click “view questions” to see your answers and the solutions.

Conditionals Gap Fill Exercise