Gerunds & Infinitives: The Basic Rules Multiple Choice Exercise

This interactive multiple choice exercise is designed to help practise using gerund and infinitive verb forms following some basic rules (after adjectives, prepositions, as an object, etc…). This exercise is part of a complete lesson on gerunds and infinitives in our free upper-intermediate English course. There are more exercises for this topic here. There is a reference table of the rules for this topic in the “materials” tab above.

  • Choose the correct answer to complete these questions following the basic rules of “Gerunds & Infinitives”.
  • Use the numbered buttons to navigate between the questions.
  • There is a “Hint” button that will help you if you are not sure how to answer.
  • You can use the question numbers to move between questions.
  • Press the “Finish Quiz” button at question 10 when you have completed the test.

The Basic Rules Reference

Use a gerund Use an infinitive Use an infinitive without “to”
After prepositions. After adjectives.  
As the subject or object of a phrase. For motive or purpose  
  After question words and indefinite pronouns. After modal verbs.
After some verbs After some verbs After “make” and “let”