Phrasal Verbs Conversation Questions.

What’s going on?

Do you need to pick anything up from the shop today?

Do you find it easy to come up with solutions to your problems?

What is the best way to find out about something that you want to know about?

How often do you go out to restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums, concerts or other cultural events?

Where did you grow up? What were the good and bad parts of growing up there?

Have you ever been apprehensive about doing t something that turned out to be more fun than you imagined it would be?

Do you have any habits that you should give up?

Are you imaginative? Do you find it easy to make up stories?

What’s the first thing that you do when you get back home after work or school?

If you didn’t know a word in English, where would you look it up?

What time do you wake up? What time do you get up?

When you look back at your life, what would you do differently?

Are there any films, series, books or albums that you’d like to check out?

Have you ever had a break down in a car?

If you had a big problem, who would you reach out to for help?

Can you think of any shops or companies that have closed down?

Why did you break up with your last romantic partner?

Do you find it easy to throw out your old toys, clothes and property?

How long should a couple go out together before they move in together?

Do you completely turn off your TV or do you just leave it on standby mode?

Do you think that you are easy to get on with?