Prepositions Conversation Questions.

Prepositions Conversation Questions.

Use these questions to practise using prepositions of place, time, movement and dependent prepositions in context. Try to repeat the sentence that contain the preposition as many times as possible in conversation.

Prepositions of time, place and movement

  1. What were you doing at 8PM last night?
  2. What do you worry about?
  3. Does waiting for people annoy you?
  4. What does how you feel depend on?
  5. What type of music do you like listening to?
  6. What do you spend most of your money on?
  7. Do you believe in god?
  8. What do you normally do at the weekend?
  9. Do you think that men should pay for dinner on a date?
  10. What do you enjoy doing at home?
  11. What is your least favourite thing at work?
  12. What do you usually do on Christmas day?
  13. What do you have on your walls at home?
  14. What’s the furthest that you have ever travelled by plane?
  15. What type of activities do people in your country do
    • in the winter?
    • in the spring?
    • in the summer?
    • in the autumn?

Conversation questions to practise verbs and dependent prepositions

Verb + PrepositionConversation Question
Argue aboutWhat type of things do you argue about?
Argue withWho do you argue with?
Deal withHow do you usually deal with challenging situations?
Depend onWho can you really depend on when you need help?
Get rid ofDo you find it easy to get rid of old thing like clothes or do you keep hold of them?
Give inCan you think of a situation where you had to give in to someone else’s opinion?
Give upHave you ever had to give up on a goal or a habit?
Go onWhat exciting events or trips do you plan to go on in the future?
Listen toWhat type of music or podcasts do you like to listen to?
Look afterWho or what do you usually look after in your daily life?
Look atIs there something specific that you like to look at when you’re stressed?
Look forward toWhat upcoming events are you looking forward to?
Put up withWhat’s something you find difficult to put up with?
Rely onWho do you rely on the most for support or advice?
Run out ofCan you recall a time when you ran out of something important?
Talk toWho is the first person you talk to when you have good news?
Take advantage ofHow do you take advantage of your free time?
Take care ofWhat responsibilities do you take care of on a daily basis?
Think aboutWhat’s something you’ve been thinking about a lot recently?
Count onWho do you count on in times of trouble?

Conversation questions to practise adjectives and dependent prepositions.

Adjective/Adverb + PrepositionExample Question
Accustomed toWhat changes in your routine are you finding hard to get accustomed to?
Afraid ofAre there any fears or phobias that you have?
Angry withWhen was the last time you were really angry with someone?
Aware ofWhat global issues are you currently aware of and concerned about?
Capable ofIn what areas do you believe you are most capable?
Confident inWhat areas of your life are you most confident in?
Curious aboutWhat topics or phenomena are you currently curious about?
Different fromHow do you think you are different from your peers?
Experienced inWhat areas are you experienced in due to your job or hobbies?
Famous forCan you name something your country or hometown is famous for?
Fond ofCan you share something you are particularly fond of?
Good atWhat skills or activities do you consider yourself good at?
Happy withWhat aspects of your life are you currently happy with?
Interested inWhat subjects or activities are you currently interested in?
Proud ofWhat accomplishment are you most proud of in your life?
Similar toIn what ways are you similar to your siblings or close friends?
Skilled inWhat skills do you feel most skilled in?
Sure ofIs there something in your life that you are absolutely sure of?
Tired ofWhat’s something you are currently tired of hearing about?