Reported Speech: In Context.

This exercise is part of a complete lesson on Reported Speech in Upper-Intermediate (B2) English.

Read the short interview below and then fill in the gaps in the report below to complete the sentences according to the rules of reported speech.

Interview with a Punk Rock Star.

trendy young female musician with guitar and synthesizer resting behind scene

Last week we caught up with punk rocker Gloria and asked her about what she had been doing and what her plans were. Read the interview below to find out.

Hi Gloria! The last album was an enormous success and took you from playing in pubs to in stadiums all over the world. Were you surprised by the popularity of the album?

Yes I was! I knew that the songs were great but I hadn’t anticipated how successful it would be! The last year has been amazing, like a dream come true!

Obviously you’ve been busy touring, but do you have any new material to share with fans?

Well, I have just got back from England. I played a secret concert in London and I played some new songs that I have written for the new album and the fans loved them!

Oh wow! When will the album be coming out?

We have just finished recording it, so will be releasing it in the summer. I am  planning to to do another big tour and play some festivals in the summer to introduce fans to the new songs, I’m really looking forward to it!