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Interview with a Rock Star.

trendy young female musician with guitar and synthesizer resting behind scene

Where are you from?

Well, I’m originally from England, but my family moved to the United States when I was very young, so I consider the USA to be my home.

How old were you when you arrived in America?

I was only 3 when we left England so I don’t really remember it at all.

When did you start playing the guitar?

I didn’t start playing the guitar until I was about 15, but from then on I played every minute that I possibly could, I’m sure that I drove my parents crazy!

What music were you listening to at the time?

Well, I loved classic rock, bands like the Stones and Queen but I also really enjoyed punk bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash.

What have you been doing recently?

Recently I have been recording our new album, we’ve been in the studio for weeks and I am really happy with the new material, it sounds great! Obviously we have all been playing together for a long time, which helps, but these songs are some of the best that we have ever written. I think that the fans will really enjoy them!

There have been rumours about you and a certain film star, can you tell us anything about that?

I’d prefer not to talk about that if you don’t mind!

What advice would you give to people who want a career in music.

Practice as much as possible and make connections with people, this job isn’t just about being good at playing an instrument, it’s about finding opportunities, collaborations and synergy with others.

There has been a lot of controversy about what your opinions about politics, could you tell us something about your activism?

Well, If you want to know about my political beliefs, listen to the new album! Lots of the songs are about my perspective on the world, I explain myself better in my music than I can in an interview.