Class 3. Describing Numerical Data.

people having meeting inside conference room

By the end of this Lesson you’ll be able to use the vocabulary of media for presentations, talk confidently about numbers and use connecting expressions to make it all hang together.

You’ll also be doing a practical presentation exercise and reviewing a few tips to give your presentation impact!

Depending on how up to date the facilities are in your venue, you may have the opportunity to choose between different presentation media. In “Vocabulary of Presentations” we will talk about various resources and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Numbers can be tricky for even advanced speakers. We’ll have a look at how to talk about figures, currencies, weights and measures as well as some expressions to approximate.

Today’s project will be about change. We’ll be looking at how to use the grammar, expressions, structure and tips that we’ve looked at so far on the course to put together short presentations to practice in context, get some useful feedback and get to know your classmates better.