Use ChatGPT to help create an amazing presentation!

The best presentation creation tool

In this course we have looked at some really useful ideas to help to structure your presentation and to make your message impactful and memorable.

There is one last tool that can help you create AMAZING presentations that will help get your message across in a way that is easy to follow and assimilate; ChatGPT.

If you don’t already know, ChatGPT is an “artificial intelligence” chatbot that is capable of producing high quality texts for a variety of purposes.

So, how can ChatGPT create a presentation? Just ask it to. Or more specifically, tell it how to make a great presentation based on the ideas and principles that we have learned on this course.

As with anything related to chatGPT, the success of the output depends on the quality of the input. For this reason, I have condensed the main points of this course into a prompt to ask ChatGPT to create a presentation based on the principles that we have studied. Just replace the square braces ([]) with whatever you need.

Write a [10] minute presentation about [YOUR TOPIC]. Provide a transcript.
Have a clear introduction, main part and conclusion.
Introduce yourself as [YOUR NAME], thank the audience for coming. Tell the audience why this topic is important or relevant to them. Tell them how long the presentation will be. Ask them to save any questions until the question and answer session at the end.
in the main part, make 3 main points. Use signposting language to move from one section of the presentation to another. Use sandwiching, to explain what you are going to talk about, make a point and then tell the audience what point you have just made.
In the conclusion, remind the audience of the 3 main points of the presentation before explaining what is the most important point and why they should remember it. Include anecdotes, famous quotes, rhetorical questions and refer back to previous statements where relevant.
Finish with a call to action. Invite questions.

Wait a few moments and ChatGPT should produce a transcript of your presentation!

When it has finished, add another prompt.

Now create a bullet point version for the speaker’s notes and a description of the content of any slides used.

And what you have is ALMOST a perfect presentation.

Almost perfect?

Yes. Almost perfect, but not quite

What is missing is you, your personality and your message!

Use this as a starting point and add a little of your own flavour to make something really special!