Listening Comprehension. The Q&A session.

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Listen to Francesca answer some queries at the end of her presentation and answer the questions below.

Francesca: Okay, as I mentioned earlier that I’d deal with any doubts at the end I’d like to move to the Q&A session now. Is there anything that you’d like me to elaborate on or clear up?

Liam: Hi, yes, we’ve had a lot of problems with supply because of administrational issues, would you mind explaining what you think has gone wrong there?

Francesca: If I understand rightly you’re referring to the issues caused by the transfer to the new stock database system. Well, I’d rather not answer that question right at the moment as there is an internal review underway . As soon as we have looked at the situation we’ll be making some recommendations and those are what I’d like to emphasize.

Liam: Okay, I look forward to seeing them. I was also wondering what kind of costs you anticipated as we moved all operations to the new system?

Francesca: If I follow correctly you’re talking about the implementation and maintenance costs. I don’t have the data with me but I’d be happy to email the projections to you as soon as I get back to head office.

Liam: Okay, maybe we can have a follow up with the recommendations from the review and the projected costs. You also mentioned that the legal department had identified some new regulations that would affect working protocols, could you tell us a bit more about that?

Francesca:  So you asked if I could tell you a bit more about the effect of the new regulations, well yes, there are 3 new criteria that we need to comply with in terms of data collection and consent, all of these needs have been addressed by the new system which tracks client consent and requires users to confirm that they have read the terms before they order. Does that clarify things for you?

Liam:Yes thanks, one last thing. Could you tell me how we could make the system as adaptable as possible so that we can deal with changes in the future?

Francesca: That’s a good question and I’m glad that you asked, the new system is especially designed to adapt to any regulatory changes without interfering with functionality, this is one of the big advantages that will make the current transition worthwhile in the long term.