Group Project: Q&A Session Roleplay.

group of people using laptop computer

In this exercise you’ll have the chance to put use you’ve seen and heard in this lesson in a realistic context.

Prepare a very brief part of a presentation explaining something that you know about that other people may not. It should be something simple that you can explain quickly and easily before inviting questions. Try to anticipate what questions you will be asked and use the techniques and expressions that you have seen int his lesson into practice.

If you can’t think of any ideas, try using these previous students’ ideas for inspiration.

  • How do do something simple with some software that you use.
  • What ingredients you use in your favourite dish.
  • How to do something with a piece of technology.
  • How to do something useful in the home.
  • How to do some kind of trick.
  • Where to find specialised products, goods or food.
  • A way of saving time or money.