Listening Comprehension:Bringing a presentation to life.

  1. So if you think back to the story that I told you at the start of this presentation, how much better would the results have been if we had used the techniques that we have looked at today?
  2. When I was on the train on the way to give this presentation I noticed how many people were reading conventional and traditional books.
  3. Why is it that this outdated media, this redundant format has such lasting appeal?
  4. So call now and book a session with one of our experts!
  5. Today I’m going to show you a way of doing it that will not only save time, but will actually make much more money!
  6. So we all know how frustrating this is, but I want you to imagine how much easier your life would be if we didn’t have to do this. All the free time that you would have to spend doing the things that you really love. Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding this job, it’s an integral part of the manufacturing process. But again, just imagine if this was something that people wanted to do for you, for free! Unbelievable? Well, that’s what I thought until…
  7. All I’m asking for is a few minutes of your time and in return I’m offering something that will revolutionize your professional life!
  8. How many times have you thought to yourself “I don’t want to do this.”?
  9. Now I know that you’ve all been inconvenienced by the new system, but by the end of this presentation, you will have learned how to use the new software and will be able to deal with most of the issues that have been slowing you down. Not only that but you’ll be able to teach your colleagues how to do it themselves so that you can free up more time for more important jobs.
  10. When I started working in the industry there was a manager called Tom. Tom had a reputation for being strict, but the longer I worked with him the more I came to realize that he just liked things to be done properly so that they didn’t have to be done again. Now that lesson stayed with me and today we are going to look at how we can reduce waste by taking care to do certain aspect of the job more efficiently.