Listening Comprehension, “The Talky App”.

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Joanna Introduction Transcript

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome.

Thank you all very much for joining us today.

I can see a lot of familiar faces, but for those of you who don’t know me, My name is Joanna Arkwright and I’m the project manager for our recently launched app “talky”.

This presentation will take around 15 minutes.

You should all have received a link to a PDF version of the handout that for the sake of convenience contains all the information included in the presentation

In the course of this presentation we’ll be reviewing the design process, the commercial launch of the app and scrutinizing the data to identify the strengths and weaknesses of not just the product but also our internal systems and processes.

To keep things brief I would rather deal with any questions at the end of the presentation rather than interrupting the flow. We are very interested in your feedback and input, so I’d ask that if any insights or questions arise during the presentation, please make a note so that we can cover them in the question and answer session at the end.

The subject of this presentation should be interesting to anybody at the company but will be of special interest to 

the design team (to identify challenges that can assist in future projects), 

the marketing team (so that we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current campaign to facilitate the campaign going forward) 

and finally the finance team so that they can adequately evaluate cost / profit ratios with a view to increasing profit margins.

It’s been a long time since the project was first conceived and this seems like the ideal opportunity to review progress so far with a view to improving our workflow not just with this project but also with the development and rollout of future projects.

As I’m sure you are all well aware, TALKY is a language learning app that is available for both android and apple platforms.

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We have integrated a variety of multimedia resources to make the material as engaging as possible and all of the assessment materials are corrected automatically and use analysis to identify areas for further practice.

Many of you have been using the app, so are already familiar with its features and characteristics.