Class 8. Final Project Brief.

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Final project; Give a presentation on a topic of your choice.

Give a presentation in English about the topic of your choosing.
Your presentation should be about 10 minutes long, using multimedia resources and handouts as appropriate.
You should structure and deliver your presentation based on what you have learned and practiced during the course.

Your mark will be based on how efficiently you can communicate your points and how well you have integrated what you have studied during the course.Consider the following things when preparing your talk:

There should be a distinct introduction, main section and conclusion.
You should decide when to answer questions and tell the audience.
You should explain why your presentation is relevant to the audience.
You should try to integrate some of the ideas that we have seen from other presentations (such as creating interest through structure etc..)
You should keep your visuals simple and effective.
Use appropriate language for signposting and transitioning.
Plan what each slide will contain using the storyboard provided.
Plan the content of any handouts that you will provide
Anticipate what questions you may be asked and think about how you would answer them.


Up to 5 points are awarded for each of the following categories;

Explaining the structure of the presentation, informing the audience of handouts, references, opportunity to ask questions etc…
Appropriate use of expressions to signpost transitions.
Correct use of language with respect to content material. Register and formality.
Appropriate use of language to describe visual information and to reference data.
Narrative style, maintaining the interest of and engagement with the audience.

Presentation Template / Cheat Sheet.

Vocabulary & Useful Expressions.

The Parts of A Presentation.

Useful Techniques

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