Listening Comprehension. Expressions for Conclusions 3.

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Listen to James conclude his presentation and answer the questions below.

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Listening 2

And that is everything that we wanted to cover today, so I’d like to give you a brief summary of the important points.

We reviewed the data from last year and the results are encouraging. We have seen a surge in demand and have generated a positive cashflow.

So I’d like each of you to think about how this extra funding could be best put to use in your department and evaluate what kind of benefit that would have to productivity.

As I explained, Bob will be heading the team and you should expect to meet with him in the next fortnight to make your recommendations.

This is really important because although we’ve had a good year, so have our competitors, who will also be expanding, so we need to consolidate it so as not to lose our edge in the market.

So all in all, great work, well done, we can give ourselves a pat on the back, but let’s not rest on our laurels, let’s get to work and hopefully this time next year we’ll be in an even better position!

Now if we’re going to take advantage of this we need to make sure that we’re all up to speed and on the same page, so if anyone has any queries we can address them now and have a bit of a back and forth about your ideas going forward.