Student Presentation: By the Numbers

Talking about numbers in English

Prepare and present a short presentation that is based on numerical data. The subject can be anything that you’d like to share, but must be based around numerical information.

Ideas for topics could be…

  • Figures relating to surprising or inspiring facts.
  • Results of some kind of experiment.
  • Chronology of development of some project.
  • The relative costs of something in different countries.

or anything that you’re interested in practising presenting.

Your presentation should last about 5 minutes and must include

  • A distinct introduction as described in lesson 1: Describing who you are, your position, the topic, relevance and outlining the structure of the presentation.
  • A main part where you use signposting and sandwiching to explain your main points clearly and concisely.
  • Use of numbers / numerical data: Correctly using the grammar and vocabulary used in lesson 3.

If you want to describe an images or pictures don’t forget the guide from lesson 2.