Listening Comprehension. Expressions for Conclusions 1.

Listen to Sarah concluding her presentation about an urban planning project and answer the questions below.

The transcript for the audio is in the “materials” tab, but you should only refer to it after attempting to answer using the audio first.

And that brings us to the end of today’s presentation. Before we finish up I’d just like to quickly recap the main points that we looked at.

The primary objectives of this project were to see how residents’ quality of life and health would be impacted by pedestrianising key areas in the city and to look at different ideas of how public space could be best used.

In summary, we found that there was a measurable benefit in terms of reduction of noise and air pollution. We demonstrated this with the quantitative results relating to noise and contaminants and qualitatively with feedback from residents. We also looked at costing and viability studies which showed that this is easily achieved and creates a net saving when compared to the heathcare costs of the pollution problems that residents are suffering from.

Unfortunately, many residents felt that the inconvenience that they experienced in terms of reduced parking and vehicular access outweighed the benefits.

We have looked at the issue from various perspectives and concluded that further research is required in the form of a public consulatation. We have created a dedicated team to provide information to residents and to prepare for a vote on the issue. Depending on the outcome of the public consutation we will enter the next phase of the project which would be deciding how the pedestrianised areas are to be used. We should prepare by generating ideas, so get thinking!

I think that just about covers everything, so I’d like to move on to the Q & A session, so if you have any doubts you’d like clarified or would like me to expand on any of the details of the presentation now would be a good time to go over that.