Beach Vocabulary

BeachA sandy or pebbly area along the coast, next to the ocean or sea
CoastThe area where the land meets the sea
ShoreThe edge of a body of water, typically a beach or coast
WavesThe rhythmic movement of water as it reaches the shore
SandSmall grains of worn-down rock found on beaches
SeashellsThe hard protective outer layer of marine animals
SunscreenA lotion or cream used to protect the skin from the sun’s rays
SunshadeA portable device that provides shade from the sun
UmbrellaA device consisting of a fabric canopy on a folding frame
SwimsuitClothing worn for swimming, typically a one or two-piece
Beach towelA large absorbent towel used for sunbathing and drying off
Beach bagA large bag used to carry belongings to the beach
Beach ballAn inflatable ball used for playing games on the beach
FrisbeeA plastic disc thrown and caught for leisure or sports
SnorkelingSwimming with a diving mask and breathing tube to explore underwater
SandcastleA structure made of sand, often resembling a castle
TideThe rise and fall of sea levels caused by gravitational forces
CoastlineThe outline or shape of a coast or shoreline
JettyA structure extending into the water to protect a coastline or harbor
LighthouseA tall tower with a bright light used to guide ships at sea