Holiday Items Vocabulary


T-shirtA lightweight shirt with short sleeves and a round or V-shaped neck
ShortsA pair of knee-length or shorter pants worn in warm weather
SwimsuitA garment worn for swimming, typically consisting of shorts or a one-piece
Flip-flopsLightweight sandals with a flat sole and a thong between the big toe and second toe
SunhatA wide-brimmed hat worn to protect the face and neck from the sun


ToothbrushA small brush with bristles used for cleaning teeth
ToothpasteA paste or gel used to clean teeth
SunscreenA lotion or spray used to protect the skin from sunburn
ShampooA liquid used for washing hair
ConditionerA cream or liquid used to make hair softer and easier to manage

Important Documents

PassportAn official document that identifies a person and allows them to travel to other countries
VisaAn official endorsement on a passport that allows a person to enter, leave or stay in a country
Travel insuranceAn insurance policy that covers unexpected events, such as medical emergencies or trip cancellations, that may occur during travel
Boarding passA document that allows a passenger to board a plane or other mode of transportation
Driver’s licenseAn official document that allows a person to drive a vehicle


SmartphoneA mobile phone that has advanced features, such as internet access and apps
CameraA device used for taking photographs or videos
ChargerA device used to charge electronic devices, such as phones and cameras
HeadphonesA pair of earpieces connected by a band or wire used for listening to music or other audio
Power bankA portable device used to recharge electronic devices, such as phones and cameras


GuidebookA book that provides information about a particular place or topic, often used for travel
BackpackA bag worn on the back that is used for carrying personal belongings, often used for hiking or backpacking
Travel pillowA pillow that is designed to be used during travel, often to support the neck or head
Travel adapterA device used to convert the voltage and/or plug type of electronic devices for use in different countries
First aid kitA kit containing basic medical supplies, such as bandages and antiseptics, used for emergencies during travel