Checking In

Listen to the conversation between a guest and a receptionist at a hotel and then fill the gaps in the transcript. Each w

Receptionist: “Welcome to the Grand Hotel Barcelona! How may I assist you?”

Woman: “Hi, I have a reservation under the name Smith.”

Receptionist: “Certainly, let me check. Yes, here it is. May I see your passport and credit card, please?”

Woman: “Sure, here you go.”

Receptionist: “Thank you. We have you booked for a twin room with en-suite bathroom. Is that correct?”

Woman: “Yes, that’s right.”

Receptionist: “Excellent. Here is your room key, and our porter will be happy to assist you with your luggage.”

Woman: “Thank you. Could you tell me more about the hotel’s facilities?”

Receptionist: “Of course! We have a fitness centre and a spa, both of which are complimentary for our guests. Our restaurant offers a wide variety of cuisine, and our bar is perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail or nightcap.”

Woman: “That sounds wonderful. What time is breakfast served?”

Receptionist: “Our breakfast is served from 7am to 10am in the restaurant on the ground floor. It’s a full English breakfast, and we also offer continental options.”

Woman: “Great, thank you for the information.”

Receptionist: “Yes, there is a tourist tax of €2.50 per person per night, which is not included in the room rate. It is a tax imposed by the local government for the use of public services, such as transportation and tourism promotion.”

Woman: “Okay, thank you for letting me know.”

Receptionist: “You’re welcome. And regarding room service, we offer a 24-hour service with a wide range of dishes and drinks available. The menu is located in your room and if you wish to order anything, simply call our reception and they will assist you with your order.”

Woman: “That’s great to know, thank you.”

Receptionist: “You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?”

Woman: “No, that’s all for now.”

Receptionist: “You’re welcome. If you need any assistance during your stay, please don’t hesitate to contact our concierge. They can assist you with bookings, recommendations, and other special requests.”

Woman: “That’s good to know. Thank you for your help.”

Receptionist: “Alright then, please enjoy your stay at the Grand Hotel Barcelona.”