Listening comprehension & role play. Getting there

Listen to these conversations related to transport and travel for tourism and holidays and fill in the gaps in the texts.

You can navigate between the questions using the numbered buttons or the “next” and “back” buttons. When you have finished, click “finish” to see your results and the correct answers.

Booking a taxi from home to the train station:

Tourist: Hello, I need to book a taxi from my home to the train station. Can you help me with that?
Taxi company operator: Of course, what time do you need to leave?
Tourist: I need to be at the train station by 9 AM.
Taxi company operator: Alright, I can schedule a pick-up for 8:15 AM. Can you give me your address and phone number?
Tourist: Yes, my address is 128 High Street and my phone number is 555-1234.
Taxi company operator: Great, I have you booked for 8:15 AM from 123 High Street to the train station. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Tourist: No, that’s all. Thank you.

Getting a train to the airport:

Tourist: Hi, I need to get to the airport by train. Can you tell me how to do that?
Train station attendant: Yes, there is a train leaving from platform 2 in 20 minutes. You can purchase your ticket at the kiosk over there.
Tourist: Thank you. Do I need to change trains?
Train station attendant: No, it’s a direct train to the airport. Make sure to check the departure board for any updates or delays.
Tourist: Alright, thank you.

(On the train)

Tourist: Excuse me, is this the right train for the airport?
Fellow passenger: Yes, it is. Make sure to get off at the right terminal once you arrive.
Tourist: Thank you.

Checking in and going through security at the airport:

Tourist: Hi, I need to check in for my flight to Barcelona.
Check-in agent: Of course, can I see your passport and ticket?
Tourist: Here they are.
Check-in agent: Thank you. Do you have any checked luggage?
Tourist: Yes, just one suitcase.
Check-in agent: Alright, I’ll check that in for you and give you your boarding pass. Please make your way to security and have a good flight.
Tourist: Thank you.

(At security)

Security officer: Hi, please have your boarding pass and ID ready.
Tourist: Here they are.
Security officer: Thank you. Please put your carry-on items and any loose belongings in the tray and step through the scanner.
Tourist: Alright.

(After going through security)

Tourist: Excuse me, where is my gate?
Airport staff: Your gate is C12, which is on the left side of the terminal. You can check the departure board for any updates on your flight. Have a good trip.

Renting a car

Tourist: Hi, I need to rent a car. Can you help me with that?
Car rental agent: Absolutely. Do you have a reservation?
Tourist: No, I don’t.
Car rental agent: No problem, let me see what we have available. When do you need the car?
Tourist: Starting today, and I’ll be returning it in three days.
Car rental agent: Alright, let me check our inventory. What type of car are you interested in?
Tourist: Something economical and easy to drive.
Car rental agent: I have a compact car available for 30 Euros per day. Would you like that?
Tourist: Yes, that sounds good.
Car rental agent: Great. Can I see your driver’s license and credit card, please?
Tourist: Sure, here they are.
Car rental agent: Thank you. I see that you declined the insurance coverage, would you like to add it on for an additional 10 Euros per day?
Tourist: Yes, I think that would be a good idea.
Car rental agent: Excellent, I’ve added the insurance to your rental. Now, please note that the car must be returned with the same amount of petrol as it had when you picked it up, or we’ll have to charge you for the petrol we need to fill it up. Do you have any questions?
Tourist: No, that makes sense.
Car rental agent: Okay, great. Your car is parked in the lot outside, and the keys are in the ignition. Please review the rental agreement and sign it. Have a safe trip!