Copy of Listening Comprehension: South East Asia Backpacker. PART 1

About this exercise
Type: Listening Comprehension
Time: 8 Minutes maximum.
Level: B2/C1
Question Types: Single / Multiple answer Multiple Choice, Gap Fill, Order Elements.

This listening comprehension listening exercise divides the interview into small parts.
Each part has a series of questions.
You can listen to the recordings various times and use the mouse to select parts of the audio.
The exercise will begin when you press the “start test” button.
As soon as the exercise begins you will have 8 minutes to complete it.

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Interview with South East Asia Backpacker

South East Asia Backpacker is the world’s most popular resource for travelers to the various countries that make up this attractive part of the world. The website features guides to help you plan your trip, news about developments in the region, reviews of products and services that backpackers will find useful, South-east Asian cuisine, hotel reviews and even the latest updates on how the global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting travel in the region.

South East Asian Backpacker has been recognised and featured by media organisations such as Time, Vice, Forbes, CNN Travel, USA Today and the Bangkok Post for it’s unique insider track on what is essential and interesting to backpackers seeking adventure and new experiences.

In this exercise you will hear part of an interview with South East Asia Backpacker’s Head of Strategy David Noakes where he talks about the website’s origins, objectives, the attraction, risks and rewards of backpacking and how the sector has been affected by and adapted to the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as how he sees the future for this important part of the tourist industry.