Useful Vocabulary for Giving & Asking for Directions

Asking for directions:

  1. Excuse me, can you help me find…?
  2. How do I get to…?
  3. Could you tell me the way to…?
  4. I’m lost, can you point me in the right direction?
  5. Do you know where… is located?

Giving directions:

  1. Go straight ahead.
  2. Turn left/right at the intersection.
  3. Take the first/second/third street on your left/right.
  4. It’s just around the corner.
  5. Go past the park/museum/library.
  6. You’ll see it on your right/left.
  7. Keep going until you reach the traffic lights.
  8. It’s a five-minute walk/drive from here.
  9. You can’t miss it, it’s a big building with a red roof.
  10. Follow the signs to…