Camping & Backpacking Vocabulary

BackpackA bag worn on the back for carrying personal belongings during hikes or camping trips.
CampfireA fire made for cooking, warmth, or socializing during outdoor camping.
CampsiteA designated area or site equipped for camping with facilities such as toilets, showers, and picnic tables.
CompassA navigational instrument used to determine directions, essential for hiking and backpacking.
Camping stoveA portable device that provides heat for cooking meals while camping or hiking.
First aid kitA collection of medical supplies and equipment used to provide initial treatment in case of injury or illness while camping or hiking.
Hiking bootsSturdy and comfortable footwear designed for long walks and hikes, providing ankle support and grip.
Insect repellentA substance applied to the skin or clothing to deter insects and prevent bug bites while camping or hiking.
LanternA portable light source, usually fueled by gas or battery, used for illumination during camping or hiking trips.
MapA visual representation of a specific area, used for navigation and planning hiking or backpacking routes.
Sleeping bagA portable, insulated bag used for sleeping outdoors, providing warmth and comfort during camping trips.
TentA portable shelter made of fabric or other materials, used for camping and providing protection from the elements.
TrailA marked path or route for hiking, often found in natural areas or national parks.
Water bottleA container for carrying water, essential for staying hydrated during outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.