Rules and Regulations in the Airport


  • Liquids must be in a container that holds no more than 100ml (3.4 ounces).
  • All containers must be placed in a clear, plastic, resealable bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter.
  • Only one bag per person is allowed.


  • Laptops and tablets must be removed from their cases and placed in a separate bin for scanning.
  • All electronic devices must be fully charged, as they may be checked for functionality.


  • All items must be removed from pockets and placed in a bin for scanning.
  • Jackets, coats, and shoes must be removed and placed in a bin for scanning.
  • All bags, including carry-on luggage and purses, must be placed in a bin for scanning.
  • Passengers may be asked to remove any additional clothing, such as belts or hats.

Restricted items:

  • All firearms, sharp objects, and explosive materials are strictly prohibited on flights.
  • Other prohibited items may include aerosol sprays, flammable items, and certain chemicals.
  • Check with your airline before packing any items that may be considered restricted.


  • All luggage must be packed by the passenger themselves, as they are responsible for the contents of their bags.
  • Check with your airline for specific guidelines on weight and size restrictions for luggage.
  • All liquids, electronics, and other restricted items must be easily accessible for inspection during security checks.


  • Follow all instructions given by airport personnel and security officers.
  • Do not make jokes or comments that may be perceived as threatening or suspicious.
  • Be prepared to have your body and belongings searched if necessary.

By following these rules and guidelines, travellers can help ensure a smooth and efficient security check process and help ensure the safety of all passengers on their flight.