Excursions: Listening and Role Play

Concierge: Good morning! How may I assist you today?

Woman: Good morning! I’m interested in exploring the Barcelona region and going on some {excursions}. Could you give me some recommendations?

Concierge: Absolutely! We have a variety of excursions available. Are you more interested in cultural, natural, or {culinary} experiences?

Woman: I love culinary experiences, but I’m also open to exploring {cultural} and natural attractions. What would you suggest?

Concierge: Well, for a cultural experience, you might consider a {guided} walking tour of the Gothic Quarter. It’s a fascinating area with historical {landmarks}, narrow streets, and beautiful {architecture}. You’d have a knowledgeable guide to explain the history and significance of each place.

Woman: That sounds interesting. What about the ease of travel?

Concierge: The Gothic Quarter is conveniently located in the city centre, so it’s easily accessible by walking or public transportation from here. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the history of Barcelona.

Woman: I’ll keep that in mind. What other options do you have?

Concierge: If you’re interested in nature, I recommend a hiking and {trekking} trip to Montserrat. It’s a stunning mountain range near Barcelona, offering {breathtaking} views and unique rock formations. You can choose from different trails depending on your fitness level.

Woman: That sounds like a fantastic adventure. How would I get there?

Concierge: Getting to Montserrat is quite convenient. You can take a train from Barcelona and then a cable car or funicular up to the mountains. It’s a popular excursion for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

Woman: That sounds appealing as well. What about the cost?

Concierge: The cost for the guided walking tour of the Gothic Quarter is €30 {per} person, and the hiking and trekking trip to Montserrat is €50 per person, including transportation and guide services.

Woman: Did you say that there was a {gastronomic} tour as well?

Concierge: Yes, that’s right. For a {culinary} delight, I recommend a vineyard tour with a gastronomic tasting experience. You’ll visit a local vineyard, learn about the winemaking process, and indulge in delicious wine and food pairings.

Woman: That sounds fantastic! How easy is it to {get} there from here?

Concierge: It’s quite convenient. The vineyard is {located} in the Penedès wine region, which is just a short {drive} away from Barcelona. We can arrange {transportation} for you, either with a group or a private driver, depending on your preference.

Woman: That would be great. What about the {cost}?

Concierge: The cost for the vineyard tour with the gastronomic tasting experience is €275 per person. It includes {transportation}, a guided tour of the vineyard, wine tastings, and a delightful culinary experience.

Woman: Those are reasonable prices. I’m torn between the culinary experience and the {hiking} trip. What do you think?

Concierge: Both options offer unique {experiences}. If you enjoy exploring the city’s history and {architecture} then the urban walking tour would be ideal for you. If you prefer learning about local produce while savouring delicious food, the culinary tour would be a great choice. On the other hand, if you prefer immersing yourself in nature and enjoying {panoramic} views, the hiking trip to Montserrat would be an excellent adventure.

Woman: Hmm, it’s a tough {decision}. Could you give me a moment to think?

Concierge: Of course, {take} your {time}. Feel free to ask any further questions or let me know when you’re ready to decide.

Woman: Thank you. I think I’ve {made} up my {mind}. I would like to go on the vineyard and {gastronomy} tour. It sounds like a delightful experience.

Concierge: Excellent choice! The vineyard and gastronomy tour is a wonderful way to indulge in Catalan wine and cuisine. I’ll make the necessary {arrangements} for you. Could you please provide me with your preferred date and any dietary restrictions?

Woman: I’m available this Friday, and I don’t have any dietary restrictions.

Concierge: Perfect! I’ll book the vineyard tour for you on Friday. You’ll receive all the details and a {confirmation} email shortly. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Woman: No, that’s all for now. Thank you so much for your help!

Concierge: You’re very welcome! I hope you have a fantastic time on your vineyard and gastronomy tour. If you need any further {assistance}, feel free to ask. Enjoy your day!

Woman: Thank you! I’m {looking} {forward} to it. Have a great day too!

Concierge: Thank you. Take care and enjoy your {trip}!