What Type of Holiday Shall We Have?

Gary: Hey Sarah, have you thought about where we should go on holiday this year?

Sarah: Hi Gary, I have a few ideas. We could go on a city break to Paris or Amsterdam, or we could go backpacking in Southeast Asia.

Gary: Hmm, those all sound like great options. What do you think we should do while we’re there?

Sarah: Well, if we go to Paris or Amsterdam, we can visit museums and galleries, go shopping, and try some local cuisine. If we go backpacking, we can trek through mountains, explore hidden beaches, and immerse ourselves in different cultures.

Gary: That all sounds amazing, but what about our accommodation? Do we want to stay in a luxury resort or a hostel?

Sarah: That depends on our budget. If we want to save money, we can stay in a hostel or a bed and breakfast. If we want a more luxurious experience, we can stay in a resort with all-inclusive or half-board options.

Gary: That’s a good point. What about activities like swimming or sightseeing?

Sarah: We can definitely go swimming if we go to a beach destination. If we’re in a city, we can take a walking tour or bike ride to see the sights. We can also try some adventurous activities like bungee jumping or zip lining if we go backpacking.

Gary: You’ve really thought this through, Sarah. I’m glad you’re so organized.

Sarah: Thanks, Gary. I just want to make sure we have the best holiday possible.