Which Beach?

Gary: I’m really looking forward to our beach day in Barcelona. Have you checked out any beaches nearby?

Sarah: Absolutely, Gary! I’ve been doing some {research} on the beaches in and around Barcelona. Let’s go through our options together. Firstly, we have the beaches within the city itself. There’s Barceloneta Beach, which is quite {popular}.

Gary: Barceloneta sounds good, but I’ve heard it can get really {crowded}. Is that true?

Sarah: Yes, you’re right. Barceloneta Beach can get quite busy, especially during {peak} {tourist} {season}. But it’s still a vibrant place with a lively atmosphere. It’s really easy to get to as well, it’s just a short walk from the city centre.

Gary: Hmm, I prefer something a bit less crowded. What about Mar Bella beach? I’ve heard some really interesting things about it. It sounds like fun.

Sarah: I don’t know anything about it, let me have a look on the internet. Oh. I can see why you’d like to go there, it’s a {nudist} {beach}. I don’t think that the locals need to see you with no clothes on.

Gary: Ha! I suppose not. What about the beaches on the Costa Brava?

Sarah: Great idea, Gary! The Costa Brava is is known for its stunning {coastline}. One popular beach there is Tossa de Mar. It’s about a two-hour drive from Barcelona. Tossa de Mar is famous for its crystal-clear waters and {charming} old town.

Gary: That sounds appealing. But what about the Costa Dorada? I’ve heard there are some beautiful beaches there too.

Sarah: Absolutely, Gary. On the Costa Dorada, we have Sitges Beach, which is only a 30-minute train ride from Barcelona. Sitges is known for its lively atmosphere and beautiful {sandy} beaches. It’s a great spot if we want to combine beach time with some {cultural} exploration.

Gary: I like the sound of Sitges. It’s close to Barcelona, and we can enjoy the beach and explore the town. Is it easy to get there?

Sarah: Yes, it looks really easy to get to Sitges. We can take the train from Barcelona, and it’ll take us directly to the town centre and then we can {stroll} down to the beach. It’s a really convenient option for a day trip.

Gary: Perfect! Let’s go with Sitges Beach then. I’m excited about our beach day and exploring the town.

Sarah: Me too, Gary! Sitges it is. I’ll {look} {up} some more information about the town on the internet so we can plan our day.

Gary: Great! I’ll make sure to pack everything we need for a fantastic day at the beach.

Sarah: Sounds like a plan, Gary. Let’s {make} the {most} of our time in Barcelona!