Vocabulary of Air Travel

AirlineA company that provides air transportation for passengers or cargo
Air traffic controlThe ground-based personnel who manage air traffic
AirwayA designated route in the sky for aircraft to travel on
Baggage carouselThe area in the terminal where checked luggage is retrieved
Boarding passA document that allows a passenger to board a plane
Cabin crewThe staff on a plane responsible for passenger safety and comfort
CargoGoods carried on an aircraft
Charter flightA flight that is not part of a regular airline schedule and is rented by a group
Check-inThe process of registering for a flight and receiving a boarding pass
Connecting flightA flight that requires a passenger to change planes to reach their destination
CustomsThe area of an airport where luggage and goods are inspected and duties are collected
DelayA situation where a flight is postponed or rescheduled for a later time
Departure gateThe area of an airport where passengers board their flight
Departure loungeThe area of an airport where passengers wait before boarding their flight
Direct flightA flight that travels to its destination without stopping at another airport
Domestic flightA flight that travels within the same country
Duty-freeShops in an airport where goods can be bought without paying taxes
Emergency exitA designated exit on a plane in case of an emergency
Final callAn announcement made when a flight is about to depart and passengers who have not boarded are requested to do so immediately
Flight attendantAnother term for cabin crew
GateThe area of an airport where passengers board their flight
Ground crewPersonnel who work on the ground to support the safe takeoff and landing of an aircraft
Hold luggageLuggage that is checked in and carried in the hold of the plane
ImmigrationThe area of an airport where passengers’ passports and visas are checked
In-flightDuring a flight
Jet lagA condition where a person’s sleep pattern is disrupted due to a change in time zones
LayoverThe time spent between flights at an intermediate airport
LuggageThe bags and suitcases that a passenger carries with them
Non-stop flightAnother term for direct flight
PassengerA person who is traveling on a plane
Passport controlThe area of an airport where passports and travel documents are checked
PilotThe person who operates an aircraft
RunwayThe long strip of pavement on which aircraft take off and land
Security checkpointThe area of an airport where passengers and their belongings are screened for prohibited items
StopoverAnother term for layover
TerminalThe building at an airport where passengers board and disembark from planes
TicketA document that allows a passenger to travel on a specific flight
TurbulenceSudden and violent movements of an aircraft caused by weather or air currents
VIP loungeA special lounge for passengers with special privileges, such as frequent fliers or those traveling in first or business class
WingspanThe distance between the tips of an aircraft’s wings when fully extended
Pilotcockpit, controls, aviation, flight deck, navigation, takeoff, landing
Ground crew memberbaggage handling, ramp, tarmac, refueling, pushback, marshalling, loading/unloading
Flight attendantcabin crew, safety instructions, emergency equipment, galley, passenger service, turbulence, boarding
Retail assistant in airport restaurantcustomer service, orders, menu, cashier, kitchen, food preparation, serving, cleaning
Air traffic controllertower, radar, airspace, flight plan, clearance, communication, runway
Baggage handlerbaggage claim, luggage carts, conveyor belts, security screening, lost luggage
Security personnelsecurity checkpoint, screening, metal detector, X-ray, TSA regulations, pat-down
Customs and border protection officerpassport control, visa, immigration, customs declaration, baggage inspection
Aircraft mechanicmaintenance, repairs, inspections, engines, avionics, hydraulics, electrical systems