Going Out: Useful Vocabulary.

RestaurantA place where people go to eat meals
CafeA small informal eatery where people have drinks and snacks
BarA place where alcoholic beverages are served
TheaterA venue for live performances such as plays or musicals
CinemaA place where movies are shown on a big screen
ConcertA live music performance
NightclubA venue for nighttime entertainment, typically with music and dancing
StadiumA large sports arena for events like football or baseball
TicketA piece of paper or electronic record granting admission to an event or attraction
PerformerA person who entertains an audience, such as a musician, actor, or comedian
AudienceThe group of people who attend a performance or event
GuidebookA book providing information and recommendations for travelers
LeisureFree time or activities done for enjoyment or relaxation
VenueA location where an event or activity takes place
ShowA performance, usually with visual or dramatic elements