Going Out: Listening and Role Play.

Man: Hey, I was thinking, we should make the most of our time in Barcelona and go out for some evening entertainment. Do you have any ideas?

Woman: Absolutely! Barcelona is famous for its amazing nightlife. How about watching a play at one of the local theatres?

Man: That would be lovely, but I’d imagine that they’re in Catalan or Spanish, so we wouldn’t be able to understand anything.

Woman: Oh, yes, that’s true! We could go to the casino for some cocktails and games.

Man: I’m not really interested in gambling. I don’t find losing money much fun to be honest!

Woman: Why don’t we go to a comedy club? I saw an advert for an English language comedy club. That might be fun.

Man: Maybe, but don’t really like going to comedy clubs, it’s not what I had in mind.

Woman: Well, what about something more cultural? there’s a renowned flamenco show at a tablao on the Ramblas. We could experience the passion and energy of traditional Spanish dance.

Man: That’s a good idea! Flamenco is a must-see cultural experience in Spain. Why don’t we reserve a table at the tablao and enjoy the performance with some tapas and sangria?

Woman: Well, if we’re going to eat at a restaurant we’ll be too full to eat. Maybe Barcelona isn’t the most authentic place to see a flamenco show either. What else could we do?

Man: We could go to a bar and then to a club or we could go and see a performance or a band. Touring DJs, artists and bands always come to Barcelona. There are plenty of clubs and venues that we could check out.

Woman: I’d rather go to a club to dance than go to a concert, people don’t really dance at concerts nowadays. There are loads of great clubs in Barcelona. Maybe we could reserve a VIP table and enjoy the night in style.

Man: That’s perfect! We could go to a bar for a few drinks after dinner and then head to a club to have some fun on the dancefloor. There’s a great DJ playing at one of the clubs down by the beach.

Woman: Great. Shall I book some tickets? Shall I ask the hotel concierge to do it?

Man: there’s no need, I can do it myself on my mobile, we can download e-tickets so that we don’t even need to print anything out.

Woman: Sounds like a plan! I’m looking forward to it already.