Teachers notes

Lesson Plan: Conversational English for Tourism Course Topic: Planning and Preparing for a Holiday

Objectives: By the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • Use vocabulary related to planning and preparing for a holiday
  • Ask and answer questions about holiday preferences and plans
  • Use appropriate phrases to make suggestions and give advice
  • Use basic grammar structures to talk about future plans


  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Handouts with vocabulary and phrases related to holiday planning
  • Pictures of different holiday destinations
  • Audio or video recording of a conversation about holiday planning (optional)


  1. Introduction (15 minutes)
  • Greet students and introduce yourself.
  • Ask students about their holiday experiences and plans for the future.
  • Explain the objectives and the topic of the class.
  1. Vocabulary and Phrases (30 minutes)
  • Distribute handouts with vocabulary and phrases related to holiday planning.
  • Go through the list of words and phrases with the class, pronouncing and explaining them.
  • Have students practice the vocabulary and phrases by using them in sentences.
  1. Discussing Holiday Preferences (45 minutes)
  • Show pictures of different holiday destinations and ask students which ones they prefer.
  • Have students work in pairs to discuss their holiday preferences, using the vocabulary and phrases they learned.
  • Encourage students to ask each other questions about their preferences and plans.
  1. Making Suggestions and Giving Advice (45 minutes)
  • Play an audio or video recording of a conversation about holiday planning (optional).
  • Discuss the phrases used in the conversation for making suggestions and giving advice.
  • Have students work in pairs to practice making suggestions and giving advice to each other.
  1. Talking About Future Plans (45 minutes)
  • Teach basic grammar structures for talking about future plans (e.g. going to, planning to, would like to).
  • Have students work in pairs to talk about their future holiday plans using the grammar structures.
  • Encourage students to ask follow-up questions and make suggestions based on their partner’s plans.
  1. Wrap-up (15 minutes)
  • Review the vocabulary, phrases, and grammar structures learned in the class.
  • Ask students if they have any questions or if there is anything they would like to review.
  • Preview the topic of the next class.

Assessment: Assessment will be informal and ongoing throughout the class. The teacher will observe students’ participation, use of vocabulary and phrases, and use of grammar structures. The teacher will provide feedback and correction as needed.